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We strongly believe that everything we offer has to be clearly focused on providing practical, affordable, and just-in-time support to any district, network, school, or individual ready to do things differently in order to truly prepare their students for success in today's global, innovation economy. Our ultimate goal is to give these organizations and individuals the targeted tools they need to grow their capacity for positive change at a local and immediate level. We also believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution nor a paint-by-numbers approach. As such, we analyze every situation up front in order to propose a customized offering that best matches the organization's specific needs and goals. Typical offerings include...

Open Way Learning Kickstart / Booster shot

Learn the ropes of Open Way Learning

Advanced Open Way Learning

Polish your skills and elevate your voice with Advanced Open Way Learning

Customized Training

Have it your way with offerings in a variety of specialties

Study Visits

Open Way Learning Workshops

Hear or visit where this is happening and get inspired

Open Way Learning Kickstart

This is the introductory course in the secret sauce behind Open Way Learning. It is everything needed to begin Open Way Learning at a classroom level, including high-impact, learner-centered inquiry that blurs the lines between traditional school and powerful, real-world, experiential learning. It also introduces the the key components of Open Way Learning: collaboration, free-exchange, and innovation based on the unique and highly successful approach Ben and Adam helped develop and refine at Tri-County Early College - a member of the Global Schools Alliance (15 of the most innovative schools on the planet). 

The class will include:

  • What Open Way Learning is and what it isn’t

  • How to foster the cultural ingredients needed to ensure an enabling environment exists within your school to start, adapt, grow, and sustain Open Way Learning approaches.

  • The essential elements of Open Way Learning success, including common language, clear roles for teachers and students, use of customized tools, and targeted activities to drive deep personalized student engagement and consistent, high-quality outcomes.

  • Steps to design, plan, execute and assess learner-centered projects and activities that make strong connections between curricular requirements and real-world applications your students care about.

  • How to Open Up! your school or classroom to engage with and leverage outside resources to provide student mentorship, authentic assessments, and public exhibitions of student work.

Participants will leave this course with hands-on experience of developing and executing essential aspects of Open Way Learning in their own classroom or school, including open access to a library of open source rubrics, checklists, projects, and other electronic tools and resources they can remix per their own context. Ideally a 3-day class, Open Way Learning Kickstart can be customized to be done in one day. It also begins with a virtual site assessment to efficiently meet the individual needs of each school or cohort. 

OWL Booster Shot & Coaching

This is a way any school, district, or network can have a "3rd Party" Open Way Learning Assessment to determine their strengths and areas for improvement. This 1-2 day objective assessment will culminate in a data-driven, actionable report that allows any organization to determine what they are doing well and what they can do to specifically improve. This can also include targeted coaching to ensure the audit's recommendations are translated into SMART goals, with periodic, targeted coaching sessions to ensure implementation fidelity.

Advanced Open Way Learning

This advanced course in Open Way Learning is aimed directly at schools and teachers who already have the cultural OWL seeds in place and want want to take it to next level. This course introduces methods to scale the collaboration, free exchange, and innovation you are already doing to build a powerful school culture that enables customized innovations such as competency-based, community-supported, school-wide, cross-curricular Project Based Learning to take place. This workshop digs deep into the key elements of Open Way Learning, including, but not limited to:

  • Validating a Living Mission and Shared Vision for your Organization

  • Tapping into the Power of a Distributed Leadership Model

  • Building a Culture of Radical Collaboration

  • Enabling Team Trust and Capacity through the Open and Free Exchange of Ideas and Resources

  • Creating an Ethos of Localized Innovation that helps your organization better respond to the needs of your learning community.

As with the Kickstart course, this offering is based on the extensive use of proven methods that have been shown to work. Participants will leave the class with direct experience in how to scale the Open Way Learning methodology and how it specifically applies to creating a learner-centered environments students will love! 

Ideally a 4-day course, Advanced Open Way Learning can be customized to be done in two days. It always starts with a half to full-day site assessment to ensure the offering is specifically addressing the unique needs of each school or cohort.

Recognizing that the Kickstart and Advanced options are at two ends of the OWL spectrum and that some schools may need something more specifically targeted for their unique needs, we also offer highly customized training to suit the needs of any school or cohort of educators. This training taps into the expertise that Ben and Adam bring to the table based on their vast experience in and outside of school environments. These customized solutions match the ideal resource and expertise to the specific goals of the organization, ultimately helping create an environment for deeply engaging and highly relevant innovations that help students build the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. These areas include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Community-Based Project Based Learning

  • Design Thinking and the Engineering Design Process

  • Team Building & Organizational Effectiveness

  • Creative ways to enhance a school or district's STEM efforts (Where STEM = Strategies To Engage Minds)

  • Competency-Based Education (aka Mastery or Proficiency Based Learning)

  • Distributed Leadership/Teacher Leadership

  • True Personalized Learning (supplemented by, but not exclusively driven by technology)

These workshops are defined through an initial consultation and site visit to determine the best solutions per the short and long term develop needs of the organization.

Customized Offerings
Open Way Learning Study Visits

Ben and Adam are able to host teams of educators and education stakeholders to see first-hand what Open Way Learning looks like in action. We work with partner schools to give the visiting team a chance to interact directly with students, teachers, and staff, as well as use formal protocols to ensure all participants are able to reflect on what they see and leave the visit with tangible tools, resources, contacts, and plans they can immediately use to implement similar systems at their own districts, schools, or classrooms. 

This is an offering based on Ben and Adam's book, "Open Up, Education, How Open Way Learning Can Transform Schools" and provides a means for organizations or schools to learn more about Open Way Learning. This offering can be customized to be a "TED Talk" style presentation, a 1/2 day workshop, to a week-long transformation event. 

Open Way Learning Speaking & Workshops

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